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AppsCo ONE Pricing

Monthly Pricing

Yearly Pricing SAVE 15%


People Free

For companies to keep track of their employees and automate HR processes

  • Customizable People Register

  • Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Language Support

  • Social Logins

  • Basic Workplace:

    • Team Password Manager

    • Single sign on dashboard and cloud directory

  • Mobile App

  • Web Support

/per employee a month

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Time Control

For companies to organize employee workflows, timesheets and insights

  • Task & Deviance Dashboard

  • Customizable Customer Records

  • Task and Project Generation and Invoicing

  • Video, Attachment, Signature and Checklist

  • Contract Control

    • Product Register

    • Map Functionality / Know How - *coming

    • GPS Log - *coming

  • Integrations

  • Mobile App

  • Support


/per employee a month

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For companies to gather all employee routines in one place.

  • Built-in Content Editor

  • Add Picture & Videos

  • Publications Hub

  • Customized Company Text

  • Company Group Structure

  • Mobile App

  • Web Support

    • $350 - one-time setup

    • $555 per company a year


As standalone Personnel, HMS and Leader handbook


/per employee a month

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Combinations of packages?

Contact us and we will find you the right setup for your business and your needs. Do not hesitate to suggest something that would work for you, after all, we are here to help you out!

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Workplace Personal

For individuals that want to keep track of their passwords

  • User Profile

  • Password Manager

  • Personal Workplace

  • On & Off-Boarding Management

  • Mobile App

  • Web Support

/per employee a month

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Workplace Premium

For companies that want to automate and manage their applications and devices from one secure platform (everything including Free workplace).

  • Provisioning User-App Support

  • AD, G-Suite & O-365 Control

  • Access Onboarding

  • 2FA - Duo, Google or Microsoft Authenticator

  • License Tracking

  • Cloud Based Directory

  • Mobile App

  • Support


/per employee a month

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AppsCo One Workplace Server Plan


Host AppsCo One on your own server for maximum security & privacy

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Interested in going in more detail about AppsCo ONE?

One People

  • 1. What do we mean by Employee records - HR master management?

    We help you to efficiently manage your people and organizational data in the HR master data module that is fully customizable. You can keep track of all your data in one place, customize your fields and have a centralized place for all employee records. Employees can also easily edit their data themselves, for additional time saving and personal data overview.

    • Define your Organizational tree

    • Manage your group and department structure

    • Customize the onboarding & offboarding of your employees

    • Customize the process step by step to ensure the data you need is collected

    • Generate a to do list and get notified about all the tasks you are responsible for

    • Manage all your daily tasks just by using your mobile

  • 2. What is Time-Off Management?

    • Absence and vacation requests, get approval with just a few clicks

    • Always know how many vacation days you have left

    • Track and document sick leave

  • 3. What can I do with Timesheets?

    • Report actual internal work time (employees)

    • Keep track and overview of time off balance and PTO policies

    • Clock in & Clock out

    • Oversee approvals and transfer data to payroll (Managers)

    • Send hours to payroll

  • 4. How does a Single Sign On Workplace work?

    It is One workplace for all your employees (Single Sign On with SAML, OAUTH, OPEN ID, LDAP support). You can choose to sign in via Google, Facebook or Microsoft as well. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be used to help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring you to enter an additional code when you sign in.

    • A Cloud directory across your apps which you can share with your employees or external people

    • A centralized and secure place to add all your resources to and share with your employees or external people

    • Full device Control with Audit log

    • Overview of access to all apps & resources through the resource log

  • 5. What is a Team and personal password manager?

    Your dashboard works as a password manager through which you can share your apps or your company resources both internally and externally without revealing the actual login information. Resources are shared quickly and easily with individuals or entire teams and groups.

  • 6. What is a Cloud-based directory?

    The Cloud directory is a service which allows you to manage and organize all your customers, users, groups, locations, devices and data in an easy and secure way. It is the best solution for hierarchical data and access management.

One Plus

  • 1. What is Time Tracking?

    In this package, in addition to the time tracking features in AppsCo One People, you’ll be able to:

    • Capture all your daily work hours, both billable and non-billable

    • Get a visible overview of the time you have spent

    • Get a weekly overview of total work time, projects and task time

    • Create checklists and upload pictures

    • Digitally sign

  • 2. Where can I apply my own branding?

    In your company settings, you can:

    • Add your company's logo and color to your platform

    • Have a branded mobile app

    • Have a branded login page

  • 3. What can I do with statistics and reports?

    This feature gives you:

    • Your key HR KPI and customized reports

    • Possibility to integrate with your favorite tools and applications

    • Employee and turnover stats.

    • Vacation and holiday stats.

    • Onboarding & Offboarding stats.

  • 4. What are Employee documents?

    You have the possibility to store Employee standard documents (work agreements etc.)

  • 5. What API & Integrations do we have?

    We provide standard integrations with major ERP, Plan and Payroll systems

AppsCo Handbook

Cloud-based solution, doesn't require installation. Easy to use built-in content editor. Add pictures, videos, links, and format text to fit your brand or individual handbook. User profiles and statistics showing who is up to date, and who needs a reminder. Publication hub with versioning and workflow, helps separate different handbooks and stages. Administrators can assign responsibility for different chapters, and add customized company-specific text. Employees can easily access and read the handbook through mobile, pad, or PC Legislative changes notify everybody and update automatically. All information in one place minimizes the need for additional questions and waiting on confirmation.

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