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Any great product needs a great technical and customer support to compliment the services they provide and create a great customer experience for their clients.

This is why we at Appsco One have created a set of services that can help you achieve more with our HR and IT products.

We understand that it is important to have a reliable team capable of addressing support issues and, as your business grows, providing technical customer service allowing you to focus on other key business areas.

We don't stop at just providing you with great tools! Our dedicated and experienced technical and support team will provide necessary and timely solutions and help you maintain good customer relations which will add value to your business.

AppsCo One Services

Integration Services

AppsCo One comes with Open API so it’s easy to customize and integrate.

As a modern cloud platform, it is designed with the idea to easily perform data exchange from and export to various sources, specifically having in mind the fact that the world is now connected like never before. For these purposes, we have created a system that can easily accept data from your current data warehouse as well as send data to the desired target database.

If you need data from multiple sources to be collected, sorted, and transformed so that it can be migrated to the Appsco One platform, we can easily solve this for you. Our team of integration experts will help you map the data of your current system, merge and centralize it for an easier and improved way of managing your HR and IT processes.

Appsco One provides you with pre-built integrations with most used payroll systems, HR platforms, Time tracking apps, and a comprehensive SSO catalog.

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Our team is continuously enriching our catalog of pre-built integrations to enable better connectivity with all popular platforms and to securely connect to every service through the SSO catalog.

Training and Education

Our staff consists of skilled professionals proven in training in the HR and IT field who can always assist your team in order to help you understand better how to run your business more efficiently.

Whether you’re a new customer and want to learn the basics or an experienced Appsco One customer wanting to deepen your product knowledge, our team is always happy to help with any question you may have.

From free-content to specializations, we provide training that truly meets your needs.

We are constantly working on new training materials to help you enhance your user experience

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Training and education

Internal Support

If a client needs us to take over answering questions their employees may have, we can offer dedicated support tailored to your needs.

We know you are busy running your organization, which is why we have created this offering allowing you to book the Appsco One team that can act as your internal Service Desk and take care of your requests.

Custom Development

Appsco One and software service company Boutsourcing joined forces to deliver a full stack of software services that your business needs. Besides services that support Appsco One products, we are confident to solve any IT challenges your business is facing.

Our team of professionals makes your projects come to life based on your business needs. We have the know-how and experience to build complex and custom software solutions.

In case you have any questions, our staff is happy to provide internal support and consultancy.

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